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Data Request Service

From Monday 1st April all data search requests will be subject to an annual price increase. Our standard data search charge will therefore rise from £120 to £125 per hour. Please contact us for further details.

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Data Search Requests

The data that we collate is available to anyone with a legitimate interest. We hold extensive datasets on protected species, bird records, and the flora and location of statutory and non-statutory wildlife sites in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. However, our work is continuous, and we are always increasing the number of records we have, our coverage and the range of taxa in our datasets. For further details on the datasets that are currently available clickhere.

Before we can process a data request please view our terms and conditions, which include a fee to cover the search time and administrative costs of producing the report. Note that both the size of the area to be searched and the number of criteria to be searched for have a bearing on the time taken to produce a report, and therefore the fee, although typically standard searches take an hour to fully process. In some cases for non-commercial requests, such as those for research purposes or for local conservation projects the charges may be waived. Please enquire with us if you are unsure.

To make a request for data please fill in our Data Search Request Form (and include a grid reference or map of the search area), and post or email it to us. Please sign it by hand (an electronic scanned signature is also acceptable) as we cannot accept forms that have not been signed. Searches related to planning applications are expected to be submitted via an environmental consultant. We do not accept requests directly from individuals working with environmental consultants.

At the request of recorders a small proportion of our data may remain confidential or is released at a degraded resolution to protect sensitive species from disturbance. In this instance the original recorder may be able to provide the detailed records on request, and we will provide their contact details in our data report. We hold records at a variety of grid square resolutions but we aim to supply to you with the best resolution we can.

To make a request:

  1. Check our data availability page
  2. Download and read our terms and conditions
  3. Download and complete our Data Search Request Form
  4. Post or email a signed copy of the form to us with a map if appropriate

Our records cover a wide geographical area within Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, but we do not have blanket coverage. Please note that absence of a species from our records for a particular geographical location does not mean that it is absent from that location - just that we do not hold verified records for it there.

Our data release policy is that the name and details of the recorder are not released with the species data for a location.

If in any doubt regarding these instructions then please do not hesitate to call us or email us for a swift answer.

Service to Consultants

We work with a number of consultants from small family run firms to large multi-national corporations to provide them with the best possible data on sites and species in or area.

We listen to what our consultant clients needs are and as part of a regional collection of local record centres we have agreed on a standard minimum service specification that outlines what can be expected from us as well as how long it takes to prepare. Agreed at the regional level with significant input from consultants this approach is an attempt to introduce consistency.

Service to Local Authorities

Our services to Local Authorities are typically contained within Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that offer the best value for money to those authorities seeking a cost effective approach to long term, consistent data reporting. Evidence based reporting undertaken by Local Authorities as part of their statutory duties provides the CPERC with a focus for our work.

We provide out partner Local Authorities with:

  • Site specific searches (relevant to the preparation of LDF documents)
  • Data for Annual Monitoring Reports
  • Single Data List 160 (an assessment of the management of County Wildlife Sites)
  • Answers to specific queries relating to our sites or species data.