N East Wildlife


On this page you will find links to the websites of other organisations relevant to biological recording in the UK. You will also find links for local natural history societies and other important groups with whom we share data and who are actively out studying the natural history in our county.

Natural History Organisations

Firstly, we have links tolocal natural history groups, most of whom are our partners; these groups often have indoor meetings, field trips and recording days listed on their websites. Most of these organisations are responsible for the county recorder network on which our work depends.

Cambridge Natural History Society

Huntingdonshire Flora and Fauna Society

Cambridgeshire Bird Club

Cambridgeshire Mammal Group

Cambridgeshire Bat Group

Cambridgeshire & Essex Butterfly Conservation

Huntingdonshire Moth and Butterfly group

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Amphibian and Reptile Group

Cambridge Bryologists

South Cambridgeshire Fungus Group

Northamptonshire Natural History Society

Cambridgeshire Flora Group and information on plant recording in VC29

Historical botanical records for 'old' Cambridgeshire (VC29)

BSBI information on plant recording in Northamptonshire (VC32)

BSBI information on plant recording in Huntingdonshire (VC31)

Huntingdon Fungus group

Local Projects and Organisations

We also list otherlocal projects and organisations, often linked to a site or group of sites. These groups have a range of activities from practical conservation work to field study.

Friends of Roman Road and Fleam Dyke

Paxton Pits

Wildlife Trust

Wicken Fen

Great Fen

Wimpole Estate

Abington Naturewatch

Cambridge Past, Present and Future

Biodiversity Partnership

Rings End Local Nature Reserve

Peterborough Environment City Trust

Nene Park Trust

Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF)

National Organisations

There are lots ofnational organisations, many with excellent websites on their specialist group of species. These websites are a fantastic resource for people wanting to develop their knowledge and skill in particular groups of organisms.


BENHS, British Entomological and Natural History Society

AES, Amateur Entomological Society

British Lichen Society

British Bryological Society

Botanical Society of the British Isles

British Dragonfly Society


Freshwater Habitats Trust (Formerly pond conservation)


British Trust for Ornithology

British Arachnological Society (Spiders)

Dipterists Forum (Flies)


BWARS, the Bees, Wasps and Ants recording scheme

Bat Conservation Trust

Butterfly Conservation

Auchennorhyncha recording scheme (Homopteran true bugs)

British Bugs gallery

British Myriapod & Isopod Group

British Plant Gall Society


Molluscs - the British Conchological Society

Orthoptera - grasshoppers, bushcrickets and allied insects

Bumblebee Conservation Trust


The Mammal Society

British Mycological society

Other Organisations

The next section provides links to other organisations, some of them local, some national, some government bodies, some charities and other organisations. There are all kinds of groups listed here, some of them with whom we work closely and others with a broader remit which we include for general interest. Also here you can find out about national recording, through the NBN, and the association of local records centres.

The Middle Level Commissioners

Fens for the Future

Natural England

Environment Agency

National Trust

Forestry Commission

Insect web ID resources

NBN Atlas

ALERC - the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres

NFBR - the National Forum for Biological Recording

ALGE - the Association of Local Government Ecologists

CIEEM - the Chartered Institute for Ecologists and Environmental Managers

Woodland Trust


Regional Groups and Record Centres

Lastly,because wildlife does not recognise the county borders that we do, here are some local groups or useful web pages from neighbouring counties, and a list of records centres in those counties too.

Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Recording and Monitoring Centre

Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre

Norfolk Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIS)

Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service (SBIS)

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

Essex Field Club

Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre

Bedfordshire Natural History Society

Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists Society

Hertfordshire Natural History Society

Suffolk Naturalists Society